Antique Beds : Singles


The restoration of all our brass beds is carried out at our Chelvey workshop by our team of experts.
Dirt and rust built up over the years are stripped away and any damaged castings and bed knobs, either repaired or new parts recast to match.

Brass & Iron

Most of these brass and iron antique beds were made in the second half of the 19th century and originate from England and Western Europe.

Brass and iron beds became very popular from around 1840 and vary from simple ironwork to intricate combinations of iron and brass, porcelain and hand painted finishes.


Depending on the mood that you want to achieve, brass can polished to varying degrees.
A high polish gives an attractive lightness to the bed, whereas lightly polished antique brass a dark romantic patina.


Most of the antique wood beds originate from Southern France, and date from the 19th century.

The design of these bedsteads are revivals of earlier styles, occasionally combining several styles in the same bed. It is this combination of classical designs, larger sizes and craftsmanship that make 19th century beds so popular today.

Bedsteads are offered in natural wood finishes, a wide range of paint effects or can be hand polished to work with your existing furniture.


Some beds retain their original fabrics, condition permitting. However, we do offer an upholstery service.
At Bedsteads we employ our own upholsterer. Generally clients will have identified their chosen fabric but if help is required we have a extensive selection of fabric samples.

For upholstered beds the price quoted includes re-upholstery.