Reproduction Beds

Since 1989 Bedsteads have produced a limited number of high quality handcrafted reproduction beds.

Our customers have rejected 'off the peg' production line beds. Instead they are choosing to furnish their homes in a highly individual way, and they want a bed that reflects their personal taste.

Our skilled craftsmen use techniques and designs from the mid-19th century. Coupled with high quality modern materials and advances in technology, to give you the best possible bedsteads.


Our bedsteads are faithful copies of original English and French Victorian and Edwardian designs, in sizes that are difficult to find in original antique beds.

We hand make bed in all sizes and can raise or lower the heights to suit your requirements


All our range of bedsteads are available as a four poster (from an additional £175) or half testers (from an additional £150).
We can also make low end/no end versions, suitable for smaller rooms at 20% off list price.


Beds are stove enamelled in authentic colours that compliment their historic design: black, dark green, antique white or dark blue.
Any other colour to order.

Alternativley we can hand paint the bedsteads to give a unique coppery verdigris effect, a distressed finish in a variety of colours or a pewter effect.

Brass Finishes

Depending on the mood that you want to achieve in your room, brass can polished to varying degrees.
A high polish gives an attractive lightness to the bed, whereas lightly polished antique brass a dark romantic patina.

Brass naturally tarnishes when exposed to air, unless covered with a protective lacquer.
At Bedsteads we give you the option of having your brass protected with a fine transparent lacquer, to prevent tarnishing, and protect your desired finish.

Alternatively, brass can be left raw, allowed to mellow with age, acquiring the rich patina for which brass is renown