Classic straight rail

Traditional, timeless, accurate replica of Victorian classic straight rail bedstead.

Available in all color choices.
Brass can be either polished, polished and lacquered or antiqued.

We have made the patterns for the beds from originals with our own pattern making and casting facilities.

This enables us to also cast a traditional drop in joint at each corner that ensures rigidity and long levity as well as ease of assembly.

As we make the beds ourselves we can guarantee the good quality of the steel; castings and brass.

Each bed is hand made to order so as well as making in all sizes we can adjust heights to suit individual requirements.

For this particular bed there is a range of castings you can choose from, the classic fleur de lys; corinthian column; simple round; dolphin; pearl necklace,petal, bird tail feathers, disc. The disc casting can also be supplied with a brass disc cover for extra individuality

Beds made by us are the best replicas available