antique beds
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Overall length219cm
Overall width153cm
Head height151cm
Foot height97cm
Side rail height35cm

Attractive Victorian adorned with aged brass

Presenting an attractive Victorian bed adorned with aged brass, exuding a charming and mellow patina. The bed has been gently cleaned and waxed to preserve its allure. Its frame has been carefully inspected for a proper fit, and the rails have been strengthened and adjusted to support a modern king size mattress measuring 150cm x 200cm / 5' x 6'6". With a head height of 151cm, a foot height of 97cm, a side rail height of 35cm, an overall length of 219cm, and an overall width of 153cm, this bed offers both comfort and style. The price includes wood slats, ensuring reliable mattress support. Alternatively, we offer mini box bases as an option, which raise the bed's height and provide enhanced support for quality mattresses. We are also pleased to offer handcrafted mattresses in various comfort choices. For more information, you can visit our website's "Bases and Mattresses" section or contact us via email to request specifications and a price list. At Bedsteads, we have been sourcing, restoring, and retailing antique beds and bedroom furniture for over 25 years. If you have a specific style in mind, we have a range of beds awaiting restoration and can provide images upon request. Our workshops are conveniently located alongside our showroom in a beautiful medieval barn, just seven miles south of Bristol.