antique beds
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Captivating pair of Irish Victorian single beds

Overall length201cm
Overall width93cm
Head height118cm
Foot height93cm
Side rail height41cm
Behold a truly captivating pair of Irish Victorian iron single beds, adorned in a resplendent hand-textured finish. Their exquisite form is a testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era, with delicately fashioned contours and intricate castings that beckon admiration. Meticulously restored to their former glory, these beds have undergone a thorough rejuvenation process. Every joint has been scrutinized to ensure impeccable alignment, while the side rails have been reinforced and skillfully modified to accommodate wooden slats. The frames, treated with the utmost care, have been subject to the alchemy of shot blasting and priming, a prelude to the artisanal touch of Little Greene paint company's Pleat and Middle Buff hues. A veil of dark wax has been lovingly applied, not merely as a preservation measure, but as an ode to the history these beds carry. A harmonious symphony of colors and textures, paying homage to the timeless elegance of the Victorian era. Envision these beds, harmoniously united to form an occasional super king size haven, a testament to the versatility they offer. With an air of refined hospitality, they lend themselves perfectly to guest chambers or vacation retreats. Tailored for mattresses of singular dimensions, 3' (90cms) by 6'3" (190cms), these beds stand as monuments to both artistry and comfort. Ascending to regal heights, the headboard reaches 118cm, commanding attention with its central prominence. Meanwhile, the footboard gracefully rises to 93cm, an embodiment of grace. Side rails, at 41cm, serve as steadfast sentinels of both style and safety. In totality, these beds span 201cm in length and extend to 91cm in width, encapsulating a space that transcends mere slumber. Included in the offering are the wooden slats.. We extend the invitation to explore an array of British hand-crafted single mattresses. These bespoke creations, distinguished by a spectrum of comfort options, await your personal preference. Transporting these treasures is a task we undertake with dedication, spanning across national borders and international seas. Kindly share your address or postcode, that we might conjure a bespoke quotation for delivery, as seamless as the elegance these beds radiate.