antique beds
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priceoriginal £1,295, £1,100
Overall length209cm
Overall width149.5cm
Head height147.5cm
Foot height88cm
Side rail height32cm

Exquisite Louis XV style sild walnut double bed

Step into the embrace of luxury with this exquisite Louis XV style double bed, resplendent in the warm embrace of solid walnut. Adorned with sinuously curved panels, each bearing intricate carvings of classical motifs, including the timeless shell and flourishing foliage crest adorning the head. This bed is not just a piece of furniture; it's a testament to the artistry of eras past, a marriage of form and function that transcends time. A haven for slumber, this bed graciously accommodates a standard double mattress measuring 135cm x 190cm (4'6" x 6'3"). Every inch of this masterpiece has been tenderly tended to; a symphony of professional treatment, meticulous cleansing, and a gentle waxing ritual. The result is a preservation of the walnut's rich hues and the natural patina, an homage to the passage of time that only enhances its allure. At the helm of this bed's splendor stands the headboard, crowned by a carved crest that reaches for the heavens at a majestic 147.5cm. The footboard, bedecked in its own intricate carvings, stands as a visual counterpart at 88cm. Side rails, 32cm in height, ensure both style and security in equal measure. Marvel at the bed's grandeur, with an overall width spanning to the very outermost curves of the headboard at 149.5cm. The length, an opulent 209cm, guarantees a sprawling sanctuary for dreams to unfurl. Included in this opulent offering are the wood slats, ensuring a foundation of comfort. However, should you desire a touch of elevation, a 2" platform top mini box base stands as a tantalizing alternative. This not only lifts the bed to regal heights but offers unparalleled support for the most discerning of mattresses. As if this weren't enough, an array of handcrafted mattresses beckons, each tailored to your unique comfort preferences. Immerse yourself in the possibilities, inquire within. Spanning continents and crossing borders, our delivery services are at your disposal. Share your address or postcode, and our network of reliable couriers will bring this masterpiece to your doorstep. For over a quarter-century, Bedsteads has curated, rejuvenated, and showcased antique beds and bedroom furnishings, a testament to our passion. Should your heart seek a different era's embrace, images of beds awaiting their restoration can be at your fingertips. Our workshops, nestled alongside our showroom in a medieval barn, await your discovery, seven miles south of Bristol.