antique beds
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price£3,950 £2,500
Overall length211
Overall width187
Head height140
Foot height94
Side rail height41

Exquisitely handcrafted 6Ft forged iron Portuguese super king

Exquisitely handcrafted 6Ft forged iron Portuguese super king bedstead, a true marvel of individuality with fabulous hand finish. Crafted with unparalleled skill and artistry, this lovely piece boasts delightful Lyre inspired details that lend an air of enchantment to this lovely design. Pretty scrolled iron curves that dance gracefully, bestowing upon the bedstead an ethereal and lightweight allure, all while remaining resolute in its robust construction. Meticulously adapted and restored to its former glory, the rails have been thoughtfully extended to accommodate a modern king size mattress, ensuring lavish comfort and space, measuring 6' x 6'6" / 180cm x 200cm. The frame has undergone a transformative journey, meticulously shot blasted and primed, as if prepared for a canvas of artistry, before being lovingly adorned with a delightful hand-painted finish in the resplendent blended hue of the Little Paint company Carys and Middle Buff. Height of 140cm at its majestic headboard, this bedstead commands attention and awe. The center of the foot end stands gracefully at 94cm. The side rail height measures 41cm. The bedstead's overall width extends to 187cm, while its total length is 211cm, ensuring an ample expanse for utmost comfort and luxury. Price includes wood slats. We can also supply hand-made mattresses in various comfort choices. Specifications and prices can be seen on our own web site or can be sent on request. National and international delivery can be arranged. Please send address/postcode for quotation.