antique beds
Overall length215cm
Overall width161cm
Head height139cm
Foot height110cm
Side rail height37.5cm

Graceful individual Victorian black and brass king size bed

Behold a true embodiment of grace and individuality - a remarkable classic Victorian king size bed that captivates with its distinct charm. Each tapered post stands as a testament to the era's elegance with lovely brass knees, collars and knobs. The bed is adorned with delicate brass faces on the decorative castings that evoke an air of sophistication. The bed's historical lineage is honored through the inclusion of original porcelain castors, a touch of authenticity that connects us to times gone by. Meticulously restored by skilled hands, this bed has been transformed into a masterpiece. The rails have been thoughtfully extended, ensuring impeccable support for a modern king size mattress measuring 150cm x 200cm. In a masterful adaptation, the side rails have been reimagined to accommodate the placement of wood slats, a nod to both tradition and comfort. The powder coat finish, a testament to its enduring quality, has been treated to a meticulous cleaning and a protective waxing. The brass elements, which tell their own stories through aged patinas, have been treated with a gentle hand, preserving their character. Gaze upon the headboard, and you'll find yourself drawn to the knob that stands tall at 139cm, a pinnacle of design that adds a vertical flourish to the room. At the foot, another knob rises to a height of 110cm, maintaining symmetry while offering a different perspective. The side rail height of 37.5cm strikes the perfect balance between security and a welcoming atmosphere. The bed's dimensions, spanning 161m in width and 215cm in length, create a luxurious expanse that beckons you to rest and rejuvenate. Included in this exquisite offering are the robust wood slats, forming the foundation for your dreams. (Please note that the mattress itself is not included.) As an enchanting alternative, a 2" deep upholstered mini box base is available for an additional £275, a choice that echoes the sophistication captured in the photograph. For those seeking the pinnacle of opulence, our assortment of handcrafted mattresses awaits your perusal, , each catering to your unique comfort preferences. Detailed information can be found in the dedicated mattress section on our website. Distance holds no power over your quest for elegance, as we are pleased to extend our reliable courier services for both national and international deliveries. A simple provision of your postcode or address will pave the way for a tailored quotation. With a legacy spanning over a quarter-century, Bedsteads stands as a pillar of expertise in sourcing, restoring, and offering antique beds and bedroom furnishings. For those with specific tastes, an array of beds awaits restoration - a visual feast ready to be shared upon request. Nestled in a medieval barn, a mere seven miles south of Bristol, our workshops and showroom stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our doors swing open to welcome you from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and on Saturdays, an oasis of tranquility, are reserved for appointments that cater solely to your convenience.