antique beds
Overall length212cm
Overall width153cm
Head height148cm
Foot height107cm
Side rail height36cm

Resplendant Pompeian and brass classic Victorian king size bed

Step into the realm of timeless elegance with a resplendent Pompeian coloured classic Victorian king size iron and brass bed, a true masterpiece that beckons with its enchanting allure. Every inch of this creation boasts exceptional craftsmanship, with each decorative casting revealing meticulous artistry. The bed stands as an embodiment of refined aesthetics, painted in the captivating hue of Pompeian Ash green from the esteemed Little Green Paint Company. This exquisite shade is further elevated through a masterful hand finish and a dark wax coating that whispers of days long past. Professionally restored to a state of grandeur, the bed's rails have been extended to ensure an unblemished fit. The jigsaw corner joints, a testament to precision, have been meticulously examined to guarantee perfection. The frame itself has undergone a transformation, with the entirety being subject to the careful ministrations of shot blasting and priming. This preparatory process lays the foundation for the sublime green finish, while the antiqued brass knobs, collars, and rails add an air of vintage mystique. The headboard stands tall, reaching a height of 148cm, crowned by a knob that adds a vertical exclamation point to the design. At the foot, a sense of balance is achieved with a knob that tops off at 107cm, presenting a harmonious contrast. The side rail height of 36cm strikes a balance between security and a sense of openness, making it the perfect haven for repose. The bed's dimensions extend to a generous width of and a length of 212cm, a lavish expanse that invites relaxation and rejuvenation. Included in this offering are the sturdy wood slats, forming a foundation upon which dreams are built. (Please note that the mattress itself is not included.) For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and support, our selection of mini box bases stands as a superior alternative, not only elevating mattress support but also raising the bed's entrance height. The photograph features a 2" base, offering a glimpse into the heights of comfort. In addition, the allure of handcrafted mattresses awaits, catering to every comfort preference. For a comprehensive overview of options and pricing, our website or direct email contact provides the perfect conduit. With a legacy spanning over 25 years, Bedsteads stands as an authority in sourcing, restoring, and offering antique beds and bedroom furnishings. The culmination of expertise resides in our workshops and showroom, nestled in a picturesque medieval barn just seven miles south of Bristol. A treasure trove of unphotographed restoration projects waits in the wings - a potential match for your discerning tastes. No distance is too great for us to deliver this symbol of elegance to your doorstep. Whether near or far, both national and international delivery are well within our realm of expertise. All we need is your postcode to orchestrate a seamless quotation. Our doors swing open to welcome you from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, with Saturdays reserved for arrangements that cater to your convenience and availability. Your desires for refinement and comfort find their perfect haven within these walls.