antique beds
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Overall length218cm
Overall width158cm
Head height158cm
Foot height110cm
Side rail height36cm

True history Victorian bras and iron

This beautiful Victorian brass and iron king size bed is a real piece of history with its gorgeous naturally aged brass and porcelain details depicting two historical famous musicians and one historical famous Irish politician . We have wondered why this selection of cameos were chosen and looked for a link between them. What we have found in a brief search, is that they were all committed to their convictions and were revolutionaries to a greater or lesser extent. Felix Menelssohn..Born 1809 German musician and composer. Daniel O'Connell Born 1775 Political leader in Ireland and sat in British Parliamnet Wilhelm Wagner Born 1813 Also a German musician and composer. The bed rails have been strengthened and lengthened to support modern king size 150cm x 200 cm mattress size. The frame has been shot blasted prior to priming and hand finishing in Little Green paint company Jet Black and waxed to preserve. IF you like the bed; but are unsure regarding the porcelain detail; we can remove and replace with brass for an additional £100. Price includes wood slats (sorry not mattress) As an alternative to the wood slats we can supply mini box bases. These raise the get into bed height and offer a superior support for quality mattresses. Photograph taken with 2" deep mini box base. We can also supply hand made mattresses in all comfort choices. Details are available on our own web site under Bases and mattresses or e mail us for specifications and price list. Bedsteads have been sourcing, restoring and retailing antique beds and bedroom furniture for over 25 years. We do have many beds awaiting restoration if you are looking for a particular style and can send images if requested. We have our own workshops located along side our showroom in a beautiful medieval barn seven miles south of Bristol.